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3 Causes of Pain

1) Trauma-

Accidents, sports injuries, slips and falls, delivery at birth, and etc can all contribute to an injury that causes pain as time passes. Chiropractors usually deal with back pain issues stemming from arthritis, herniated or bulging disc that create sciatica, whiplash/ligament damage injuries, compression fractures, and sprains/strains. What creates most of these problems are injuries due to trauma. Some of these injuries occur at birth or later on in life. Sometimes the injuries are not bad at first but over years of neglect they add up and cause debilitating pain. Chiropractic can help alleviate pain due to these injuries and also prevent the damage from getting worse.


Caffeine, dairy, seed oils, and gluten can all lead to increased inflammation in the body. Caffeine stops cartilage from renewing and increases inflammation in the joints. It is a psycho active substance and is addictive. Can also lead to increased anxiety. I'm not here to tell you lies, but the truth. Caffeine is more harmful than good in the long run when it comes to joints and pain. I get the morning cup of coffee routine, and at the end of the day its an addiction that can and should be stopped. Or at least done in moderation.


A newborn calf weighs 65-95 pounds at birth. They gain 1.75 pounds per day until reaching 500-600 pounds before weening off of dairy. We have an obesity problem in America. Diary is a contributing factor to that. Not only that, but dairy in general can cause inflammation in the joints. Milk builds strong bones is a myth as well. Populations with higher rates of dairy intake have a higher risk of osteoporosis and fractures. So lets call BS on most of the supposed health benefits of dairy.

Gluten- Gluten sensitivities are becoming more and more common. Not only can this contribute to joint pain but also many foods with gluten in them increase weight gain. Weight gain along with increased inflammation in the body all lead to more stress on joints, therefore, leading to more pain.

Seed oils- Seed Oils basically cover any food you get when you decided to eat out. Filled with omega 6 fatty acids which all cause inflammation in the body. Its a cheap oil to cook with and these seed oils are probably the biggest contributor of inflammation in the body. Just look up the process of how seed oils are made. Also, they used to be used in machines only and then somehow magically ended up on our tables and in our foods in a detrimental way. I am sorry to the the bearer of bad news but these are a definite no no when it comes to living healthy and pain free.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Consult with your physician with prescribed medications and side effects of those.

3) Thoughts- Thoughts can manifest into physical pain. Stress from relationships, emotions, work drama, etc can eventually put your body into a flight or fight mode for too long. Eventually the increase cortisol being released due to your stress and worries burns out. Adrenal fatigue occurs and then a range of symptoms start to manifest where pain starts to show more. Cortisol decreases inflammation in the body, and then your body is no longer able to produce a good amount of cortisol, then your body starts to have more inflammation leading to more pain.

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