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What Is A Real Doctor?

As chiropractors we often are told by patients, but the real doctor, Medical Doctor, said this. A Doctor at its Latin root means teacher. We care what your medical doctor had to say for your condition, but we as chiropractors disagree with what they choose to do to help you get out of pain and ultimately truly be healthy. A pill masking the symptoms isn't being healthy, and back surgery definitely isn't necessary more times than not. But if you go to an MD you'll be prescribed medicine, because they are a teacher of medicine. If you go to a neurosurgeon they are going to do surgery because they are a teacher of surgery. If you go to a doctor of physical therapy, they are going to teach you about physical therapy and how that helps your problem. And if you go to a Chiropractor we are going to teach you how thoughts, trauma, and toxins all contribute to you health. Also we teach you how chiropractic adjustments, along with nutrition can help you avoid surgery. We teach you that your body, with specific adjustments and nutrition, has the natural ability to heal without the use of medications and unnecessary surgery.

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

So a Doctor of Medicine is going to teach you about medicine and how medicine can help treat your issue. An example of this would be I have low back pain and sciatica down my leg. They are going to recommend pain killers, muscle relaxers, and other types of drugs that help nerve pain. Then usually if that doesn't work they'll refer you to a doctor of physical therapy.

Doctor of Physcial Therapy (PT)

A Doctor of Physical Therapy will teach you about how exercises can help you issues. We will stick with the example above with lower back pain. They will teach certain exercises to help strengthen and lengthen certain muscles in your back to help with your back pain and sciatica. If PT fails, then you will likely be sent

to and orthopod or neurologist.

Orthopod and Neurologist

Both of these types of doctors will try different types of procedures whether its cortisone injections, low back surgery, fusions, ablations, and other types of low back procedures. They might mention that if you don't do surgery then you'll have a poop bag (colostomy bag), or be paralyzed from the waist down. Most of the time that is false and a scare tactic for you to get unnecessary surgery. There are times when surgery is necessary but is not in the majority of cases. So keep that in mind. Also they will fail to mention that this surgery isn't a permanent fix and that FAILED BACK SURGERY happens in over 40 percent of patients. Usually after low back surgery fails, they will elect to do a spinal fusion. This also fails to get patients out of pain more than you would think. So if you want to be taught about surgery, then those are the teachers you should seek out.

Doctors of Chiropractic (DC)

We are teachers of Chiropractic, and how adjustments, nutrition, and proper mechanics during movement can prevent and correct your issues. Again as with the example above with low back pain and sciatica. We do not prescribe medication, or perform surgery. We know that your body 9/10 times has the ability to heal itself with the proper adjustments, nutrition, and correction of bad daily habits that really led to you have a problem to begin with. We adjust the spine where you have injuries, this helps bring blood flow to the area, and gets the pressure off the nerve which allows the area to heal. Once the area heals the sciatica goes away. We find out your daily habits, and tell you what caused your low back pain issue. We then correct those bad habits. We also have hard conversations about nutrition that causes inflammation and contributes to your low back pain. We hold you accountable and expect you to take some responsibility for your health. If that doesn't sound like something you are willing to do then we ask you to not even bother coming into the office. If you want to stick with teachers who teach you medicine, and surgery are the only way, and that you have no control over it, then this office is not for you. Sorry for the run on sentence (:

I hope that explains what a doctor is. Be careful who you choose to be taught by. This can lead to unnecessary surgery, medications, and other long term issues. We want healthy Americans, and Healthy Americans have much more control over their health than they believe.

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With Health and Love in Mind

-Shane Morrison DC

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